Availability at Campden Business Park

Campden Business Park offers a range of flexible office space in Chipping Campden from serviced offices on an all-inclusive, fixed cost monthly licence to self-contained office buildings and business units with storage and workshop space available on flexible lease terms.

Gainsborough House Availability Office space (sq ft)
Suite 1 Occupied – Cumulus Consulting
Suite 2 Occupied – Podiatrist
Suite 3 Occupied
Suite 4 Available 163 sq ft
Suite 5 Conference room
Suite 6 Occupied – Siminetti
Suite 7 Occupied – Siminetti
Suite 8 Occupied – Siminetti
Suite 9 Occupied
Suite 10 Available 163 sq ft
Suite 11 Occupied – Financial advisor
Suite 12 Occupied – Onecall Management Ltd
Suite 13 Occupied – Summers Quality Control
Suite 14 Occupied – Goldfinch Automotive
Suite 15 Available 163 sq ft
Suite 16 Occupied – Sage Gray Architects

Ashbee House Availability Office space (sq ft)
Suite 1 Available 626 sq ft
Suite 2 Occupied – Country House Renovations Ltd
Suite 3 Occupied – Dental practice
Suite 4 Occupied – Sam Wilson Design

Design and build business units

Campden Business Park offers the opportunity for a new commercial property development of design and build business units from 2,000-10,000 sq ft.

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